Berlin Urban Gin

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Berlin Urban Gin - Handcrafted Dry Gin

bottle content: 0,5l
Alcohol content: 45,6%

Herbs, flowers and spices can be found in all possible and impossible places in the urban area from Berlin to Teufelsberg and where Berlin is greenest.
Anyone who walks through Berlin with an open nose will find woodruff, various mints, elderflower and chamomile ... these are the (selected) ingredients for this extraordinary distillate.
Dr. Volker Stippl (doctor of beer brewing and distiller) distilled 58 (!) Different herbs and spices as individual distillates in an unbelievable Sisyphean work to create the recipe for Berlin Urban Gin.
From this, in turn, only the best distillates were selected to compose a perfectly harmonious gin. The base consists of the purest alcohol and juniper berries (these do not come from Berlin).
Some, especially exotic ingredients (such as Szechuan pepper or Bourbon vanilla) are bought in, only high-quality spices or herbs are good enough.
Then it gets really exciting.
The composition of the gin: complex, well balanced, intense, yet fine and elegant. It should dance on the tongue, please the whole mouth, it should be sustainable and powerful.
A good gin has to combine opposites to create harmony ... floral, spicy, hot, subtle, bitter and sour, sweet and tart, loud and quiet at the same time, should it be ...

in the end everything results in a gin ... Berlin Urban Gin!
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