Momotaro Gin 42% 0,5l

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Momotaro Gin 42% 0,5l

Alcohol content: 42%
Bottle content: 500ml
Country of origin: Germany
Region: Rheinland-Pfalz
Brand: Momotar Spirits

Type: New Western Gin / Gin

Use neat, on ice, in a gin & tonic or
for creative cocktails

Tasting note: elegant citrus notes, which is perfectly balanced by peach and Sencha tea.

Hand-picked botanicals such as Momo peach, yuzu lemon, sakura cherry blossoms and sencha tea distilled in the best craft manner.

The Momotaro Gin pays homage to the Japanese legend of Momotaro: A courageous young man who is born from a peach to a childless couple and who, together with his three animal companions, traveled the world and protected it from monsters.
Inspired by this traditional legend, hand-picked botanicals such as momo peach, yuzu lemon, sakura cherry blossoms and sencha tea are distilled in a craft style. In the production process, the main focus is on slow and gentle maceration and distillation in order to give the exquisite botanicals the time they really need to develop their full aroma.

A fruity, fresh pleasure trip to the Far East, especially in a gin and tonic, and also in unusual cocktail creations.
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